The Kedumah Institute

The Soulship is our sangha -- our intentional community of teaching and practice.  We gather weekly to practice, learn and play together. Using teaching-transmission, meditation, psychological inquiry, somatic exploration, contemplative movement and inter-personal work, the Soulship facilitates both direct non-dual realization as well as personal integration and maturation.

Our down-to-earth and embodied approach to the spiritual path is fun, interactive, healing, challenging, mind-blowing and ultimately radically transforms the way we inhabit our body/soul.

In this process we experience directly how a group of individual souls can develop into a living organism of communal presence -- a mystical vehicle (what we call the Soulship) for our collective spiritual journey.

The Soulship is led by Zvi and currently meets in Boulder, Colorado on Thursday evenings, from 7-9:30pm.

If you are interested in visiting or joining the Soulship, please contact Dan at



The Kedumah Training program presents the formal curriculum of esoteric Kedumah teachings to qualified souls who exhibit the maturity and sincerity that is necessary for advanced inner work.

Kedumah Training Group 1 has been meeting regularly since January 2014 and is no longer accepting new members. We will post here when a new training group is forming.

If you are interested in more information about our training program, in joining one of our future groups, or in forming a new group in your area, please contact Dan at

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