The Kedumah Institute

The Kedumah Torah project seeks to present the living transmission of the Primordial Torah through publications, live online teachings and opportunities for experiential practice. We experience the Torah as one of the authentic revelations of Kedumah -- the non-conceptual primordial source -- and our approach to Torah study is thus mystically and spiritually informed.

Have you ever experienced or intuited the mysterious depth of the Torah or the ancient Hebrew lineage? Do you feel a soul-connection to the Hebrew language and/or to Jewish tradition (even if you are not Jewish)? Are you curious about learning more but have not found an accessible or mystically-connected teacher, or have not found a spiritual community that embodies these teachings in a conscious manner?

Our first offering of the Kedumah Torah project will be the establishment of the online Kedumah Bet Midrash, a regular series of live-video online teachings, dates to be announced soon. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates!

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