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Truly a teaching of a new spiritual and religious paradigm, Kedumah is an amazing opportunity for modern spiritual seekers. I’ve never received a teaching more powerful than this one nor had a teacher more adept than Zvi.”
— Daniel Battigalli-Ansell, author of A Love Note: Poetry on the Path

"This book is a treasure of the most profound Jewish mysticism from very ancient sources which predate the Kabbalah, and which also, through Zvi Ish-Shalom's expert presentation, is made available for people of our time of all religious traditions" - Father Thomas Keating

"An exciting, inspiring, and ground breaking book. Zvi lays bare the ultimate, primordial spirituality of the “Torah,” what is finally real and true in Judaism." - Dr. Reggie Ray

"Captivating and touching ... I am confident that readers from all backgrounds will find in this beautiful book a compelling invitation to explore the nature of their experience." - Dzogchen Punlop Rinpoche

"This book is a lucid journey through the portals of human consciousness via a sparkling synthesis of Kabbalah and other forms of mystical praxis. An innovative, creative, and masterful combination of theory and practice that will inspire both beginner and expert alike" - Dr. Shaul Magid

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