Zvi Ish-Shalom’s experience with a variety of therapies and meditation have given him a deep psychological sophistication. He is not only conceptually involved in the teachings; he is an adept in applying them experientially, with introspective awareness.
— Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Founder of Jewish Renewal Movement

Kedumah Haskamah

Who is this Ish immersed in the awe of Being? May he come and show us his way.

Homage to the Primordial Torah, Its three essential hypostases and Illimitable branches:

A veritable Tree of Life and source of strength: Her ways are sweetness and their integration is Shalom.

Increasing numbers of us are finding the meaning for our existence within a new modality of consciousness. This still barely (yet rapidly) emerging paradigm is an entirely new manifestation of the Original Light, by means of which Primordial human consciousness has always seen, sees, and foresees the All and Everything.  By its very nature this multi-perspectival consciousness is embodied in the total experience of all conscious beings on the planet Earth. Yet while this illumination produces a common chord, the notes of its melody often still depend on creatively transforming overtones that resound from the music of older paradigms of wisdom.

Among the prerequisites for prophets and teachers of the emerging paradigm are direct knowledge of Reality, mastery of the language and practices of a particular historical tradition, and a vast command and familiarity with many other forms of inquiry, conceptualization, and methods of awakening.  

When it comes to the manifestation of this fully planetary light in a form that is rooted in the ancient Torah tradition, there are as yet very few who can embody these requisite qualities. Zvi Ish-Shalom is one such person and I cannot adequately express how much I respect him. One could, of course, list some of his many accomplishments, and skills, languages, and fields of knowledge that Zvi has mastered, but when it comes to the genius of real mastery the whole is always so much greater than the sum of its parts. I would rather simply say that there is probably no one else in the world with whom I feel a greater sense of shared vision. Zvi has never really been my student. Yet whenever I speak with him or contemplate his teachings, I so often feel that we are two facets of one being on the very same path, guided by the same light, involved in an almost identical process, and witnessing a nearly identical vision.

As such, I have the greatest hope for Zvi and his Kedumah teaching. In his hands, rests much of my own hopes for the continued manifestation of a new paradigm of Torah that quite transcends the limitations of the rabbinic form, including even the very best attempts at its renewal.  The emerging paradigm goes far beyond all nostalgic efforts to refurbish an obsolete and no longer adequate vehicle. Because Zvi has had the capacity and merit to do the work required in order to qualify for direct knowledge that is independent of any intermediate authority and has an extremely high level of facility in all major aspects and stages of the Torah tradition, he can express a mode of Primordial Torah that is authentic yet really new. I marvel at how clearly Zvi has been able to conceptualize the entire field of Torah, to diagnose what needs to be transcended and how skillfully he can perform the transformations that actually make the fourth turning of Torah manifest.  With humility and admiration, I am honored to fully endorse his work.  

Written during the period when we aspire to be vessels that can be worthy to hold the Primordial Light for another year. September 23, 2017/ 4th of Tishrei, 5778.

– Rabbi Miles Krassen, Ph.D., Founder of Planetary Judaism and author of Steps Toward a World that is Coming